How to choose waist trainers

If you’re thinking about waist training, choosing waist trainers is the most crucial part and also the hardest. (Yes, harder than actually wearing it) If you choose the right size, half the work is already done.

So, what exactly is the best size for you?

Let’s see:

Firstly, take your measurements. Carefully measure your

-Under bust: right on the bra line

-Natural waist: one inch above belly button

-Upper hip: at or just below hip bone

-Torso length: right under center of either breast

After taking these measurements you need to decide what is your size and style. This comes down to the measurement of your waist line. If your waist line is under thirty eight inches, select a corset four to seven inches smaller than your natural waist, and if your waistline is over thirty eight inches, select a corset seven to ten inches smaller than your natural waistline.

Corsets come in different styles and the best one for you depends on your body type. Whether you have a Firm or a squishy body, it all comes down to these factors.

Waist trainers are also available in multiple fabrics so choose whichever suits you best.

Happy Waist training!

Being a professional, why is it important to wear classy clothes?

You should always dress to impress because you never know who you’ll meet on your way. It’s the secret to success and no matter what anyone says, appearances do matter and classy attire will always put in a good word for you in front of a client or a potential employer.


The clothes you wear send a message to the person who is standing in front of you. You’re already communicating with another person telekinetically long before you even approach to strike a conversation with them.

Look at the marketing world around you. All the good products have a great presentation and their appearance appeals to the customers and lures them into buying them among other things. Consider you’re a product and you are selling yourself to a job interviewee, would you go in wearing a T-shirt and jeans. Would that make a good statement?

Many career counselors strongly suggest to dress according to the job they’re looking for and not the job they are currently working in. Your body language is very important and it is the basic tenant of getting a job of your dreams. In order to persuade a potential employer, a good suite can go a long way.

Office-appropriate attire has certainly changed over the years.


Clothes can help you make a great impression and can give a strong visual statement. Comfort is an added benefit but in this era of competitiveness, you have to take into account every factor that will lead you to success.


People judge you based on their opinion. That is the reality and if you are wearing flip flops or revealing gangsta clothes, then you are sending out a message that you’re not a serious professional and are just messing around , that’s why you need classy clothes sewed by a really professional machine.


You have to dress according to the occasion and if you’re in your office space, you can go with a formal business suit. If your client is conservative and is going through a tough time in his life, your outfits needs to match the person you want to portray.


Clothing affects a lot of things in life. People who dress to impress have a better chance of getting funds and charities.

There’s no harm in experimenting with your clothes. Once you’re well acquainted with what would be better suited for different occasions, you can become a master of this craft and even give lessons to those who are just starting out.

What to Consider Before Voting


We are proletarians; we are the people who are unaware of the facts. People always make uninformed decisions because of the political adrenaline pumping through their veins. Some are adamant in supporting a candidate just because of their inflated egos and some are apolitical. Whatever the reasons are, we must be thorough and we must think of the future generations that are depending on us.

  1. Weed out the exaggerators

All politicians lie. No one is a saint. Our responsibility is to weed out the exaggerators, the ones who are trying to show us the dreams of a fantasy land but are not even capable of fixing up the slums. Look at your candidate’s history. Look at what he’s done for the people in the past.

The media endorses some of these candidates and tries to mislead the masses but you have to evaluate the candidate yourself and not believe everything that is on the television.

  1. Presidents are not magicians

Presidents are not handed off a magic wand when they come into power. They have to work to establish a prosperous nation. They have to work hard to make changes that will affect the lives of the people positively.

If a candidate promises to make drastic changes but isn’t telling you how he will achieve these changes, then he is most probably just blowing hot air. If he has a plan, he will share it.

  1. A president should be adept in many things

Presidents are not made when they are elected, they are trained in many disciplines such as leadership, management, policy making, taking drastic decisions prior to the selection. You can’t just elect a candidate who doesn’t possess any of these skills. Make sure that your candidate has a resume that impresses you.

  1. The president must be revered globally 

A president that is not respected in the global community is a great threat to the foreign policy. Isolation of a country can wreak havoc. We all need allies to fight off terrorism, for trade and many other economic, social and political benefits. Make sure that the candidate that you are supporting is revered on a global scale.