How to choose waist trainers

If you’re thinking about waist training, choosing waist trainers is the most crucial part and also the hardest. (Yes, harder than actually wearing it) If you choose the right size, half the work is already done.

So, what exactly is the best size for you?

Let’s see:

Firstly, take your measurements. Carefully measure your

-Under bust: right on the bra line

-Natural waist: one inch above belly button

-Upper hip: at or just below hip bone

-Torso length: right under center of either breast

After taking these measurements you need to decide what is your size and style. This comes down to the measurement of your waist line. If your waist line is under thirty eight inches, select a corset four to seven inches smaller than your natural waist, and if your waistline is over thirty eight inches, select a corset seven to ten inches smaller than your natural waistline.

Corsets come in different styles and the best one for you depends on your body type. Whether you have a Firm or a squishy body, it all comes down to these factors.

Waist trainers are also available in multiple fabrics so choose whichever suits you best.

Happy Waist training!

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